What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

EDI is a method of exchanging common business information using standardized digital document formats. These document formats, or "sets" are recognized nationally and internationally by all businesses that use EDI. Sets exist for just about every type of business transaction.

What are the benefits of EDI?

  • Paper documents can be eliminated.
  • Orders can go digitally from you to us, instantly.
  • Record keeping and verification becomes simpler.
  • Time is saved. Costs are reduced. Errors are minimized.

How does EDI work?

Two eCommerce tools are necessary. You'll need: (1) EDI software, and (2) Value Added Network (VAN) or internet access (AS2).

EDI transactions currently available with United Sugars:

  • Purchase Orders – 850, 875
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgements – 855
  • Purchase Order Changes – 860
  • Invoices – 810, 880
  • Advance Shipping Notices – 856
  • Application Advice – 824
  • Functional Acknowledgement – 997

  • And we are happy to discuss other sets you are interested in.

    How do I get started?

    Your established Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative can put you in contact with our EDI Support Team to discuss the opportunity.