Re-Export Sugar

United Sugars is able to re-export sugar to customers outside the U.S. — and to domestic customers who participate in the U.S. government re-export programs.

What is Re-export Sugar?

Re-export sugar is the use of world raw sugar to produce refined sugar within the United States for export — or used to make products that will be exported.

In greater detail, the U.S. government operates three programs (see below) that allow customers to buy refined sugar produced from lower-cost world raw sugar. For each unit of sugar sold under these three programs, United Sugars obtains the right to import an equivalent amount of world raw sugar. Since this right has value, United Sugars can sell re-export sugar to participating customers at a lower price.

  1. Sugar Containing Products Program — For manufacturers of sugar containing products who export these finished products.
  2. Polyhydric Alcohol Program — For manufacturers of certain industrial chemicals made from sugar for non-food use.
  3. Refined Sugar Re-export Program — For customers outside the United States.

How do I participate?

To participate in the Sugar Containing Products Program, or the Polyhydric Alcohol Program, you need to obtain a license from the Licensing Authority of the Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. You also need to comply with certain license limits and documentation requirements.

For more information about the programs (and participation) you can visit the National Archives and Records Administration for the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 7) — or contact your United Sugars Sales Representative.