Granulated Sugar

We offer four basic granulations of white sugar ranging from our finest (Baker's Special) to our coarsest (Coarse Granulated Sugar).

Baker's Special is our finest granulated sugar and was developed for the baking industry. It provides fine crumb texture and dissolves easily. It is used in bakery products, cocoa mixes, powdered drink mixes/dry mixes and coatings for doughnuts and cookies. It is available in 50- and 2000-pound supersacks.

Fruit Sugar is a very fine and uniform sugar that lessens the stratification or separation of the final product. It has excellent dissolving qualities and does not settle, thereby maintaining proper headspace in jars and canisters. Gelatin Sugar is used in gelatin, desserts, pudding mixes, powdered drink mixes/dry mixes, candy and bakery products. It is available in 50-pound bags.

Fine Granulated Sugar is the basic sugar, with varied uses throughout the food industry. It is used in a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, jams, jellies, meats, chewing gum, dairy products, condiments, pickles, bakery products, cereals, liquid sugar, powdered sugar, candies and powdered drink mixes. It is available in bulk, 25-, 50-pound bags, and 52" supersacks.

Coarse Granulated Sugar has a slightly smaller grain size than Sanding Sugar. As a result, it is ideal for pneumatic handling. The crystal provides greater resistance to caking in less than ideal storage conditions. Customers who pulverize sugar for use in their end product will find marked improvement in yield due to the sugar's crystal surface area and flow characteristics. Coarse Granulated Sugar is used in powdered sugar, powdered drink mixes, candy, preserves, jams, jellies, condiments, dairy products, meats, canning, pickles, snack foods and bakery products. It is available in bulk.