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Our Fruit Sugar is a very fine and uniform sugar that lessens the stratification or separation in your final product. It has excellent dissolving qualities and does not settle, thereby maintaining proper headspace in jars and canisters. Fruit sugar is made by crystallizing a purified and filtered thick juice syrup removed from sugar beets or sugar cane, which is then dried and screened to produce a very fine granulated sugar.


Desserts, gelatin, pudding mixes, powdered drink mixes/dry mixes, candy and bakery products.


Fruit Sugar is available in 50 pound bags.

General Requirements

This food grade product is manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices and complies with the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and all other FDA regulations as well as any applicable state statutes and regulations.


Sucrose NLT 99.85%
Ash NMT 0.025%
Moisture NMT 0.05%
Color NMT 45 RBU/IU
Invert NMT 0.050%
Sulfite NMT 10 ppm as SO2
Speck Count (visual) NMT 2 per 500 grams
Odor Free of foreign odors


U.S. Sieve # Maximum
20 0.3% cumulative retained
100 10.0% passing

Microbiological Standards

  • Product shall test negative for pathogenic microorganisms
  • May also be ordered to meet National Soft Drink Association requirements

This product information sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, the information, recommendations and suggestions are made without represenation or guarantee as to results because the conditions of use of the product are beyond our control and accordingly are furnished only for your consideration, investigation and verification by your own laboratory prior to use. No statement is to be construed as a waiver of any copyright or patent right.

Revised April, 2015.