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Our Liquid Sucrose is made by dissolving purified crystalline sucrose in heated water, which is then filtered, cooled, and stored. The exacting chemical, physical, and microbiological standards of this sugar make it ideal for use in products whose formulation receives limited processing.


Canned and bottled products, dairy products, soft drinks, processed foods, confectionery, and baking.


Liquid sucrose is available in approximately 5,000 gallon tank trucks.

General Requirements

This food grade product is manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices and complies with the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and all other FDA regulations as well as any applicable state statutes and regulations.


Sucrose NLT 99.85% (dry basis)
Brix 67.5% +/-0.2%
Ash by conductivity NMT 0.05%
Color Clear to slightly straw colored, NMT 45 RBU
pH @ 20 C 7.5 +/- 0.5
Weight per gallon at 20 C 11.105 lbs.
Taste and Odor Free of foreign taste or any objectionable odor in dry form or when a 10% solution is acidified to a pH of 2.5 with USP Phosphoric Acid and allowed to stand for 72 hours

Microbiological Standards

  • Product shall test negative for pathogenic microorganisms
  • May be ordered to meet National Soft Drink Association specifications


Unloading conditions must be clean and sanitary.

This product information sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, the information, recommendations and suggestions are made without represenation or guarantee as to results because the conditions of use of the product are beyond our control and accordingly are furnished only for your consideration, investigation and verification by your own laboratory prior to use. No statement is to be construed as a waiver of any copyright or patent right.

Revised April, 2015.