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To qualify as Bottlers Sugar, granulated sugar must meet the standards of the National Soft Drink Association in addition to other United Sugars Corporation specifications. Our factory and research laboratories routinely sample and perform analytical and microbiological tests.


Bottlers Sugar is available in 50 pound bags.

General Requirements

  1. CONTAINERS: For protection of the product, Bottlers sugar shall not be packaged in cotton or fabric bags, but shall be packed in multi-wall paper bags or equivalent sanitary packages or bulk containters.
  2. CONTAINER IDENTIFICATION: Each container shall be marked or coded to make it possible for the sugar producer to identify the place of production and date of packaging.
  3. DESIGNATION OF TYPE: Each container shall be marked Bottlers.
  4. ASH: The ash content of Bottlers sugar shall not be more than 0.015%.
  5. COLOR: The solution color of Bottlers sugar shall not be more than 35 RBU (reference base units).
  6. SEDIMENT: The sediment content of Bottlers sugar shall not be more than shown on a prepared sediment disk (approximately 2 ppm) available from the National Soft Drink Association, 1101 Sixteenth Street NW, Washington, DC 20036, upon request.
  7. TASTE AND ODOR: Bottlers sugar shall have no obviously objectionable taste or odor in either dry form or in a 10% sugar solution acidified to pH 2.5 with U.S.P. phosphoric acid.
  8. MICROBIOLOGICAL: Bottlers sugar shall not contain more than:
    • 200 Mesophilic bacteria per 10 grams
    • 10 Yeast per 10 grams
    • 10 Mold per 10 grams

  9. FLOC EVALUATION OF BEET SUGARS: Beet sugar shall be evaluated for floc-producing substances by Spreckel's Qualitative Floc Test Procedure. Sugars showing positive floc test results shall not be labeled and sold as Bottlers grade sugar.
  10. SAMPLING: Bottlers sugar shall be adequately sampled by the producer immediately prior to packing to assure compliance with these standards.

Quality specifications for Bottlers Sugar were established in 1975 by the National Soft Drink Association.

This product information sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, the information, recommendations and suggestions are made without represenation or guarantee as to results because the conditions of use of the product are beyond our control and accordingly are furnished only for your consideration, investigation and verification by your own laboratory prior to use. No statement is to be construed as a waiver of any copyright or patent right.

Revised April, 2015.