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United Sugars offers many of our granulated sugars in a "National Formulary" grade. Each lot is certified to be in accordance with National Formulary monograph requirements for sucrose.


National Formulary Sugar and National Formulary European Protocol Sugar are available in 50 pound bags and supersacks.

General Requirements

This food grade product is manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices and complies with the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and all other FDA regulations as well as any applicable state statutes and regulations. It also complies with the specifications in the current USP/NF monograph.


In addition to our standard specifications for each product, National Formulary Sugars will meet the following additional analysis:

Typical Analysis

Odor Free from foreign odors
Smoothness Free from hard lumps
Color White
Solution Practically clear (10% solution)
Specific Rotation Between 65.9 and 67.0 degrees on a dry basis
Residue on Ignition (Ash) NMT 0.05%
Chloride 2.0 grams show no more chloride than 0.10 ml of 0.020N hydrochloric acid (0.0035% of Cl) [NF test procedure.]
Sulfate 5.0 grams show no more sulfate than 0.30 ml of 0.020N sulfuric acid (0.006% SO4) [NF test procedure]
Calcium Clear solution [NF calcium test]
Invert Sugar Weight of cuprous oxide does not exceed 112 mg by NF test procedure
Moisture NMT 0.035%
Sediment NMT 2 ppm visual
Visual Speck Count NMT 2 per 500 grams
SO2 NMT 10 ppm
Heavy Metals NMT 5 ppm (0.0005%)
Granulation Meets Fine Granulated Sugar granulation requirements

Microbiological Standards

  • No pathogenic microorganisms. Meets National Soft Drink standards.

This product information sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, the information, recommendations and suggestions are made without represenation or guarantee as to results because the conditions of use of the product are beyond our control and accordingly are furnished only for your consideration, investigation and verification by your own laboratory prior to use. No statement is to be construed as a waiver of any copyright or patent right.

Revised April, 2015.