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Fall 2010

WELCOME to Short & Sweet, United Sugars Corporation's electronic newsletter, where you can learn about industry news, sugar news nuggets and the latest information from United Sugars. We hope you enjoy our quick-read format. Just scroll to the stories that interest you and click.

Welcome: A message from President John Doxsie
United Sugars President John Doxsie welcomes readers and previews this edition of Short & Sweet.

Reliability Story
When you make a personal purchase – whether it’s a car, clothing or another consumer product – you almost always compare choices. Comparison of product features is a routine part of everyday life.


Doxsie Overview

John Doxsie

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our fall edition of Short & Sweet, the newsletter from United Sugars Corporation.

Reliable sugar supply has always been important to our customers, but perhaps never more so than amidst the uncertainty of the recent recession. As you have worked to cut costs, increase efficiency and weather the downturn, it was more important than ever to know that you can count on us to deliver the sugar you need, when you need it.

As we partner with our customers, we take it as our obligation to be the most reliable sugar supplier in our industry. And this is described in our new video overview that tells the story of our approach to reliability. Read ahead for the highlights of this story as well as links that will take you directly to the video content.

Thank you as always. I hope you enjoy this edition of Short & Sweet.

With best wishes,

John Doxsie
United Sugars Corporation


Reliability Story

When you make a personal purchase – whether it’s a car, clothing or another consumer product – you almost always compare choices. Comparison of product features is a routine part of everyday life.

When it comes to buying commodities, though, the range of product features is naturally more limited. Consider sugar, for example. There can be some variation in the condition of sugar that industrial buyers receive from reputable sources, but you won’t find one sugar that’s sweeter than another, for example, or one with a longer shelf life.

But does that mean that there’s no need for you to compare suppliers? Far from it. The more critical the item is to your business the more important other factors like service, support or reliability become.

Reliability at United Sugars: Unparalleled in the industry

One of the most important of those aspects is reliability – the ability for you to get the sugar you need, in the form you need it, when you need it. If sugar is critical to the production of your products it is imperative that it be there when you need it and that it meets all of your quality requirements – every time. In short, your sugar supply needs to be reliable.

We have organized and created a culture to be the most reliable sugar supplier to North America. We’re organized every step of the way – from our farm to your unloading area – to deliver reliable supply that meets the specifications that you need.

This reliability orientation allows us to serve more than 30 percent of the industrial sugar market in the U.S., including the world’s leading candy, baking, cereal, dairy and beverage brands. These are also some of the world’s largest sugar buyers, all of whom – like you – have a lot riding on time-sensitive, accurate and reliable sugar delivery.

How can you compare a supplier’s ability to offer reliable supply and service? When we talk with our customers, we point to these four factors of our reliability approach. And we invite you to compare us to others in these areas.

Factor 1. Reliability through high-volume production

Our unmatched supply reliability is strengthened through our use of multiple production facilities across the U.S. This allows us to continue uninterrupted, reliable supply in the event of adverse weather such as floods or droughts, or other production constraints that can occur unpredictably in certain locations.

Our approach to reliability is bolstered by the fact that we aren’t tied to a single geography or source of supply. As the marketing arm for three major growing groups, United Sugars currently distributes sugar produced by more nearly 4,000 sugar beet shareholders and the largest sugar cane producer in the U.S. They are:

  • American Crystal Sugar Company, representing a beet slice capacity of over 34,000 tons per day and processing more than 5 billion pounds of sugar annually with factories in Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. It’s owned by approximately 2,950 growers, employs 1,000 people full-time and another 1,000 during the harvest and processing campaign.
  • The Minn Dak Farmers Co-Op in North Dakota, processing nearly 600 million pounds of sugar a year. It’s owned by approximately 480 shareholders, employs 245 people full-time plus 330 people for harvest and processing campaign.
  • United States Sugar Corporation in Florida, farming approximately 170,000 sugar cane and producing more than 800,000 tons of raw sugar per year. Formed in 1931, it’s Florida’s largest sugar cane grower.

All together, our partners operate eight production facilities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and Florida, producing varieties of granulated, specialty granulated, powdered, brown and liquid sugar that meet the needs of countless food applications.

View a United Sugars video segment with more information on reliability through high-volume production here.

Factor 2. Reliability through supply chain expertise

Reliability involves more than producing sugar. It also means being able to move and track it in ways that gives you assurance and peace of mind. And it has to do with anticipating and eliminating problems before they affect your operations.

Sugar demands are unique, so it’s important for a supplier to anticipate customer demand and plan accordingly. We’re able to do this because United Sugars maintains a vast, sophisticated national network of more than 20 sugar distribution centers – from California to New York and from Florida to Nebraska. It’s the nation’s largest industrial sugar supply chain. Along with our high-volume production capabilities, this system allows us to meet not only your routine, predictable needs, but also your emergency needs in times of unexpected demand at the location you require.

Our supply chain experts manage computerized routing of sugar to optimal forward locations or shipment directly to you from one of our plants. Our customer service representatives work as supply chain consultants, processing orders and keeping you fully informed during transportation and on-time delivery. United Sugars is also fully eCommerce-enabled, which provides instant information from state-of-the-art information systems that we can put to work on your behalf.

Behind this large and sophisticated system lies a simple goal: You get the sugar you order – reliably, on time, and to your specifications, every time.

View a United Sugars video segment with more information on reliability through supply chain expertise here.

Factor 3. Reliability at point of delivery

It’s important for you – and for us – to know that you’re getting every pound of sugar you’re paying for. While that should seem like a simple proposition, it’s not as easy as it might seem. And not all suppliers are alike in this regard.

United Sugars employs a comprehensive set of system checks in place to ensure that sugar arrives to customer locations as scheduled and that all sugar is delivered. For example, we provide support designed to help your personnel know how to easily and efficiently unload all modes and material groups of sugar – ensuring complete delivery of the product while helping to discourage unnecessary time and resources spent to make that happen.

If you use railcar loads of sugar, for example, it’s often been common for 2 or 3 thousand pounds of “residual sugar” to remain in the car after it appears to be empty. While some suppliers may accept this as a normal result of the shipping process, we do not. We can consult with you to solve this challenge -- to implement a rigorous, twelve-step process that we designed for rail car unloading to make sure that virtually all of your contracted sugar is delivered.

It’s just one example of the ways in which we work to ensure reliability at delivery, but it’s indicative of our overall approach and our strong commitment to doing so.

View a United Sugars video segment with more information on reliability at point of delivery – including information about railcar unloading – here.

Factor 4. Reliability through customer service

As a commodity supplier, we understand the need to bring added value to our customer relationships. That means we strive to be your partner, not just your supplier.

What does this look like in day-to-day practice?

It takes the shape of routine communication with you so that we can understand your needs. For example, we can help analyze your past usage and factor in variables such as growth, seasonality and demand trends. We work with you to ask the right questions to help you plan for your total sugar needs, including quantities, delivery schedules, and inventory management.

It means access to unparalleled market information through monthly market reports and quarterly newsletters that help you stay on top of what’s happening in the markets so you can gauge your buying decisions.

And it also means agile, fast response from customer service representatives in our service center when you have a question or need information. Our customers establish long-term relationships with our service representatives, many of whom have had long tenures on our staff. We combine the strength and capability of the nation’s largest sugar supply chain with customer service that reflects a personal relationship focused on partnership and helping you succeed.

View a United Sugars video segment with more information on reliability through customer service here.

Learn more about our approach to reliability by watching an online video featuring our employees and customers. You can view it here.

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